Lights up talks and you can make him move Next and only meet 5/5
Diaper bag comes with changing mat and bad for dirty clothes No rips or stains inside a few spots on the outside may come on in the wash Only meet is 5/5
Toddler bed Mattress Toy bin Directors chair (Dinosaur bedding not included) Will not separate pieces cross posted I do have matching bedding that I will post separately when it comes out of the wash Next meet is 5/5
Seat goes up to store cars (cars included) Well loved stickers are bubbling and peeling Talks and makes noise but Will need new batteries Next meet is May 5th
Well loved pillow comes off for when child outgrows it but we have so much stuffed animals we don t need this lol Could use a washing Next meet is May 5th
Comes with NEW in package TMNT mold Bought for my kids but they just aren t interested looks like it may have been used once Next meet is May 5th
Tons of Duplos I will not separate sets Bin not included but can be for an extra $10 Cross posted my son changed his mind again after deciding to keep them lol kids More sets then what s pictured Next meet is May 5th
Figure included Needs batteries and it will light up and make noise Next meet is May 5th